January 18, 2021

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2 New Features Come To Google Webmaster Tools – A Look At What They Are

Google Webmaster Tools has added 2 brand new features for their benefit. One notifies the webmasters of faulty redirects and second shows color-coded HTML syntax within the fetch as Google feature.

Google is now also sending notifications to all those webmasters who send their mobile users to their home page, as against the destination URL that they would expect. In the month of June, 2014, Google launched a new feature in the search engine results that alerted mobile searchers before they clicked. The alert said that they would not be taken to the page that they expected, but rather be redirected to the homepage of the site.

Just 2 months later, in the month of August, Google is notifying the webmaster that this error is coming for the mobile users in the Google search results. This particular notification is aimed at persuading the webmaster not to use a redirect and send the user to a mobile-friendly version of the page that the user is looking for.

Apart from the above mentioned feature, the fetch as GoogleBot now comes with color-coded syntax. With your HTML markup and color-coded code, this is of tremendous help to the webmasters and developers during debugging issues. Now Google has recently added color-coded syntax directly in the Fetch as Google feature in the Webmaster Tools. Both the aforementioned features will help the webmasters instantly debug issues from their websites.